Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rebirth of a Retro Limo: Russian Prime Minister Soon Will be Riding in a Redesigned Vintage ZIL Limousine

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3D Computer Generate Concept of a ZIL-4112P Limousine

Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin finally has a limo of his own. The car maker ZIL, the manufacturer of the Russian presidential limousines claims ZIL is even better "than US president Barack Obama's submarine". Concept images of a new limousine are already all around the web, limo service Chicago reports.

However, ZIL is not new in car manufacturing. Since 1920's it produced luxury sedans and limousines for Soviet leaders. Thought the production was in very low quantities, it kept going until 2005. In 2005, ZIL discontinued production of luxury vehicles and limousines. However, in 2012 (just several months ago) prime minister Putin announced he would prefer Russian leaders to be transported in more patriotic, locally produced limousines, which would be better alternative to foreign, mostly German luxury cars. No wonder such cars are popular here in Chicago too - they represent ultimate luxury and comfort.

The Russian ZIL limousines are priced just as high as the Rolls Royce, Maybach or any other high-end Chicago limousine. However, ZILs are almost unknown outside Russia and post Soviet countries. Moreover, the company only produces 10-15 ZILs a year, which makes it a very exclusive limousine.

Here are some pictures of the ZIL concept for 2012 production. The limo keeps the sharp look: straight lines, cutting edges, elongated body - the style of the car is very recognizable. The mirrors and the illumination speaks it's a ZIL.

The new ZIL model ZIL-4112P has a powerful 7.7 liter engine and a 6-speed transmission. The gas intake of the limo is 25 liters per 100 kilometers- improved since the last model. The interior of a limo features same comfortable amenities just like any other limousine: leather seating, privacy divider, worktables, window curtain and even a big TV, that is connected to the outside camera and shows the road even if the window shades are closed.

The revival of the ZIL limousine is extremely important to Russian automakers. The company will produce limousines at the Korean automaker Hyundai plant in Moscow. The first car should appear in early 2013, where the full production rate is supposed to begin in 2015.

For now, though, Chicago is happy with Barack Obama's Cadillac presidential Chicago limo. Which is hotter? Obama's presidential limousine or Putin's ZIL concept? Comment below!

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