Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chicago Night Life from the Chauffeurs Perspective – an Interview with Chicago Limousine Driver

Black Stretch Limousine Parked at the Sidewalk
A chauffeur’s mission is to provide Chicago residents and visitors with reliable, quality and affordable limousine service. While having fun in a new glamorous limousine, most people do not think about the responsibilities the driver must take to keep them save and on time.

Q: What is a typical Chicago Night Out?

A: Night outs in Chicago are enchanting activities that involve extravagant dresses, stilettos, designer’s suit and a glass of your favorite vine. Typically, people group up in parties of 6-10 and go bar hopping to the Loop, Bucktown, Lakeview or Wrigleyville. However, everybody hates to be the dedicated driver for the party. Here is when the chauffeured limo comes in handy.

Q: What is the most difficult for a chauffeur?

A: Chauffeur’s profession is not easy: driving requires concentration, attention and reaction. Also, the driver needs to be always in charge of the safety and control. Sometimes, when things go crazy, people get kicked out of the bars, or get in fights. Then more people get involved and all turns into a big mess. A chauffeur needs to make sure all the party members are back in the limo, safe and happy.

Q: What makes you like your job?

A: I really like the social aspect of my job. I like meeting people, having a conversation with them and providing good service. There is nothing better than a good review online on with your name mentioned.

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