Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rebirth of a Retro Limo: Russian Prime Minister Soon Will be Riding in a Redesigned Vintage ZIL Limousine

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3D Computer Generate Concept of a ZIL-4112P Limousine

Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin finally has a limo of his own. The car maker ZIL, the manufacturer of the Russian presidential limousines claims ZIL is even better "than US president Barack Obama's submarine". Concept images of a new limousine are already all around the web, limo service Chicago reports.

However, ZIL is not new in car manufacturing. Since 1920's it produced luxury sedans and limousines for Soviet leaders. Thought the production was in very low quantities, it kept going until 2005. In 2005, ZIL discontinued production of luxury vehicles and limousines. However, in 2012 (just several months ago) prime minister Putin announced he would prefer Russian leaders to be transported in more patriotic, locally produced limousines, which would be better alternative to foreign, mostly German luxury cars. No wonder such cars are popular here in Chicago too - they represent ultimate luxury and comfort.

The Russian ZIL limousines are priced just as high as the Rolls Royce, Maybach or any other high-end Chicago limousine. However, ZILs are almost unknown outside Russia and post Soviet countries. Moreover, the company only produces 10-15 ZILs a year, which makes it a very exclusive limousine.

Here are some pictures of the ZIL concept for 2012 production. The limo keeps the sharp look: straight lines, cutting edges, elongated body - the style of the car is very recognizable. The mirrors and the illumination speaks it's a ZIL.

The new ZIL model ZIL-4112P has a powerful 7.7 liter engine and a 6-speed transmission. The gas intake of the limo is 25 liters per 100 kilometers- improved since the last model. The interior of a limo features same comfortable amenities just like any other limousine: leather seating, privacy divider, worktables, window curtain and even a big TV, that is connected to the outside camera and shows the road even if the window shades are closed.

The revival of the ZIL limousine is extremely important to Russian automakers. The company will produce limousines at the Korean automaker Hyundai plant in Moscow. The first car should appear in early 2013, where the full production rate is supposed to begin in 2015.

For now, though, Chicago is happy with Barack Obama's Cadillac presidential Chicago limo. Which is hotter? Obama's presidential limousine or Putin's ZIL concept? Comment below!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chicago Night Life from the Chauffeurs Perspective – an Interview with Chicago Limousine Driver

Black Stretch Limousine Parked at the Sidewalk
A chauffeur’s mission is to provide Chicago residents and visitors with reliable, quality and affordable limousine service. While having fun in a new glamorous limousine, most people do not think about the responsibilities the driver must take to keep them save and on time.

Q: What is a typical Chicago Night Out?

A: Night outs in Chicago are enchanting activities that involve extravagant dresses, stilettos, designer’s suit and a glass of your favorite vine. Typically, people group up in parties of 6-10 and go bar hopping to the Loop, Bucktown, Lakeview or Wrigleyville. However, everybody hates to be the dedicated driver for the party. Here is when the chauffeured limo comes in handy.

Q: What is the most difficult for a chauffeur?

A: Chauffeur’s profession is not easy: driving requires concentration, attention and reaction. Also, the driver needs to be always in charge of the safety and control. Sometimes, when things go crazy, people get kicked out of the bars, or get in fights. Then more people get involved and all turns into a big mess. A chauffeur needs to make sure all the party members are back in the limo, safe and happy.

Q: What makes you like your job?

A: I really like the social aspect of my job. I like meeting people, having a conversation with them and providing good service. There is nothing better than a good review online on http://www.elitechicagolimo.com with your name mentioned.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Girls Night Out Chicago Limousine

Limousines are the cool and stylish way to go around for a night out in  such a big city as Chicago. If you want to transport yourself and your friends to Chicago's most prestige nightclubs, your need to arrive in style. No other mean of transportation will do it better than limo service Chicago. Limo service will complete and make any Girls night out a memorable experience.

Elite Chicago Limo will provide the newest and latest trend Chicago limousines, clean and outstanding interiors, a stereo surround sound system, and courteous, friendly driver, who will be happy to assist you.

When you get your girls for Chicago bar hopping, a Bachelorette party or clubbing, you want only what's best. If you choose Elite Chicago Limo, we guarantee your will have a nigh to remember. Our SUV limo Chicago won't disappoint you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Airport Pickup Procedures at O'Hare and Midway International Airports

To make it easier for you we will describe how to act after you arrive to get your limo service Chicago. Please read the instructions and follow the guidelines below upon the arrival. Chicago airports have some particular airport rules that must be followed by all the travelers.

Baggage and Customs Claim Meet

If you ordered the "Meet and Greet service" your SUV Limo Chicago chauffeur will come inside the terminal to greet you. He will meet you at the customs exit at the luggage claim if you are arriving on the international flight at O'Hare. If, however, you have a domestic flight, he will meet you at the airline's baggage claim area. The chauffeur will carry a sign with your name on it. Whether it is a international or a domestic flight, you will be then escorted to Chicago limousine. Wee need 24 hours notice to provide this service and it costs extra $20.

Pick up at the curb side after a Phone Call

After you land proceed to the luggage claim area. Whether you have luggage checked in or not, your still need to go to the lower level at the luggage claim area. When ready to go, call us 312-201-1055 and we will direct you to the door. Your limo service Chicago will pick you up within 7 minutes. Advanced reservation required.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Event planing made easy with Elite Chicago Limo

Elite Chicago Limo will help you plan your event and will assure you will get the best value for the lowest rate. There are two ways of making a limo service Chicago reservation.

Reservations by Phone
Call us at 312-201-1055 to chat with our representatives and get and istant free quote. You can ask them about all the details of your trip. After you book a Chicago limousine, your representative will email your the reservation confirmation number. Now you will have a written contract with all the information you need.

Online Reservations
The alternative to the phone call is making reservations online. At elitechicago limo website, go to the reservation tab and click on the "Quock reservations". You will have to fill in the required fields for the dete, addresses, number of passengers and more. Be attentive when you enter your email address and credit card information.

Our team of professionals will handle all the aspects of the event. We will oversee the details such as parking lots, the fastest ruote, complimentary bar items and more. It there is an unexpected delay, will always have a back up limo service Chicago vehicle that can take care of you.

Our drivers always arrive 30 minutes prior the pick-up time. If needed, they will greet you with a sign at the airport or come to the door of your house. They will gladly help you with luggage and answer any questions regarding Chicago area. Your event will be trouble-free and flawles with our professional team.

Monday, January 31, 2011

What's So Cool About SUV Stretch Limos?

Chicago is home for numerous limo service Chicago companies. Many offers SUV stretch limo services. But you may be thinking " What's the difference between a regular stretch limo and a stretch SUV?" Well, SUV's are big and spacious, they can comfortably accommodate up to 18 passengers. Some SUVs have seats on both sides of the car, some have big bars and seas inside.

The main thing, however, it that there are numerous possibilities for interior designer with a stretch SUV. It is much bigger than a regular stretch sedan and there is more room to work with. So Elite limo service Chicago used those advantages, added some creativity and partially rebuilt some of the vehicles!

Just take a look at our Ford Excursion SUV Chicago Limousine. It accommodates 14 passengers comfortably and with added lasers, disco ceilings, hardwood floors and rebuilt seats it is easily the hottest party car in Chicago! Moreover, it has a QVM license and can take you to any corner of Chicago! Don't get fooled by other limo companies offering cheap prices with unlicensed cars, choose Elite and be Elite!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Nutcracker in Joffrey Ballet

This dedicated classical ballet performance is turned around in Joffrey ballet for the American experience. This spectacular performance features the entire Joffrey company in a 120 minutes long show. This version of the Nutcracker maintaines the spirit of the original performance of 1987 while sparkles with beautiful costumes and modern choreography.

All performances take place at The Auditorium Theatre in Chicago. For this ballet performance hire Limo Service Chicago today and save big! Elite Chicago Limo is providing the best deals for concerts and sporting events.